Imhotep – Cobra

2nd Nov

Status : SOLDImho

Details: Olive wood pipe -set from a approx.  5oo year old olive tree,cut and dried for 5 more years at my workshop, mouthpiece hand-cut ebonit,pipe cleaner passes easily,widely Visected draw at  the bit for easy airflow.This set was conceived in regard to the timeless design an architecture of old Egypt .

The  Tampers subtly implemented cobra shape was conceived in regard to the  Pharaohs royal symbols. Made from Ebony and Olivewood,firmly tenoned and  glued together.

The pipe-stand is a combination of straight and curved lines that are  composed in regard to the architecture of Egyptian temples.


Solar phenomena at the great temple of Abu Simbel

It is believed that the axis of the temple is positioned by the ancient Egyptian architects in such a way that on October 22 and February 22, the rays of the sun penetrate the sanctuary and illuminate  the 4 enormous sculptures on the back wall 60 meters away from the entrance.People gather at Abu Simbel to witness this remarkable sight, on October 21 and February 21 due to the relocation of the temple in 1959.egypt-pyramids

This pipe is carved  from a central knot of  dry olive-wood.The grain opened up in its full symmetry at the front of the bowl. The shape features a spherical entrance  in order to allow a play of  light& shadow.




You can observe on the photo bellow that  the inner rim of the bowl and the outer rim  align with the rim of the shank . When a ray  of light goes through the opening under the right angle ,there will appear a clear uninterrupted sphere that lights up the inner part of the shank.The alignment of the three spherical rims stands also for phases of the moon .The tobacco offerings we smoke within our  pipes also undergo three phases of transformation :From the firm consistence of a dried  plant packed in the bowl it transforms by means of fire and heat into a humid smoke freeing so  its essential oils to our enjoyment .I like to remind myself that smoking a pipe has also a metaphysical side to it.











When a light is directed  from the shank-sided part through the opening  you can observe  the shadow of a cobra displayed on the background behind the pipe.It is just one of the  features i was inclined to project within the design of this pipe.
















Pipe detail approx.measurements

A –   45 mm
B –   69  mm
C –  140  mm
D –   21  mm
E –  46  mm
weight –74 gram

 Price :  – + Shipping    



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