Freehand Bulldog – Father Flame

28th Sep
Status : Not available


Freehand Bulldog pipe from a 10 year dried Calabrian Bruyère, mouthpiece hand cut finest German Lucite accented with  Iron-Desert wood/Redwood.

Pipe cleaner passes easily.

A unique Bulldog in a slightly danish style. The distinguishing character of a bulldog is the flaring outward from the base till 3/4 of the way up the bowl towards the rim. The shank is always a diamond.

I gently tilted the diamond shank at 45 degrees upward and has it broaden outward to the stem. Then the stem shifts to tapering down toward the button. What we have here overall is a bulldog, diamond shank that tilts upward and uniquely is a balanced sitter.


Freihand Tabakpfeife – extra  Bruyère Kalabrien, mindestens 10 Jahre getrocknet,  Holm handgeschnitten Acryl mit Wüstenholz / Blutholz Intarsie.


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