The Angler’

30th Mar

Status: Sold Out

Details :

Freehand smoking pipe from a 30 year old ,well aged Spanish Bruyère, mouthpiece hand cut German Lucite with Olive/Redwood  adornment, a perfectly balanced Sitter.


Freihand Tabak Pfeife – extra  trockenes Bouchermat Bruyère /Algerien, Mundstück Handgeschnitten Acryl, Pfeifenreiniger geht glatt. Perfect ausbalanziert als stehende Pfeife.





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The Fisherman’

30th Mar
Status : Sold-Out


Freehand Olive-wood smoking pipe, carved from  an approx. 800  year old olive tree that grows on our stone plateaus in Montenegro, cut and dried for more then 12 years at my workshop. Mouthpiece from hand-cut German Lucite in ‘Ice Sea’ design, matched accordingly to the grain of the Olivewood.

The Olivewood pipe-stand is made from an  approx. 1000+ year old Olive-tree from Montenegro,

Freihand Pfeife aus einem 800 Jahre alten montenegrinischen Olivenholz, Mundstück Acryl .




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