Moonwave Fugu with Bamboo

23rd Aug

Status : Not available


Inspired from the Danish and Japanese pipe-making traditions, and as such, my work tends to be quite organic, prioritizing sculpted lines and precise shaping.

Freehand smoking pipe from a 10 year dried Calabrian Bruyère,  Bamboo shank  with mouthpiece hand cut from finest German Lucite accented by a thin line of  Redwood with 3 hand – polished Lapis Lazuli water drops and gold/cooper leaf.

Pipe cleaner passes easily as the draw channel is tubed from top to bottom and polished.



Freihand Tabakpfeife – extra  Bruyère Kalabrien, mindestens 10 Jahre getrocknet,  Holm handgeschnitten Bambus mit  Acryl/Blutholz Intarsie und Lapis Lazuli.



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