Fisherman’s Delight

28th Nov

Status : Sold

Olivewood freehand smoking pipe carved from an approx. 800+ years old olive tree, dried for at least 10 – 12 more years at my workshop, mouthpiece hand cut from German acrylic Amber and Scarlet red..

This ancient piece of olivewood revealed a long and even flow of  beautifully interconnected patterns, a canoe ready to explore new shores by deep and wavelike reflections. The shape peaks by a subtle arch-line at the bowl.

The pipestand  from Olivewood is perfectly fitted to the pipe and a second stem.



Pipe detail approx :


A –  42  mm
B –  42  mm
C – 160 mm
D –  20 mm
E –  36 mm
weight – 52 gr

Price :- + shipping   


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