Ramses I Hiệp

2nd Apr

Status : Sold


Bruyère smoking  pipe,carved from an aged Bruyère block (Mimmo Romeo-Tuscan/Liguria),

The mouthpiece is from hand cut German Lucite ,teflon tenon  with precious gem stone inlay, Blue crystal Lapis ,Kiyanite, and Moonstone  each fragment was handpicked and polished, pipe cleaner passes easily, draft holes are bored to 4.2mm, stem forms towards the button a Y slot providing a minimal airflow resistance while ensuring an easy draw ,comes with black plush clove.

Inspired by the red Deshret crown of lower Egypt : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deshret


Tabak Pfeife aus  extra trockenem  Bruyère  (Mimmo Romeo-Italien),Mundstück Handgeschnitten Acryl mit Teflon Zapfen, Pfeifenreiniger geht glatt durch.Weit geöffnete Y Fächerung am Biss,kommt mit schwarzem Plüsch Säckchen.


Ramses VIII

Ramses XI







Pipe detail approx.


A –  45  mm
B –  65  mm
C – 150 mm
D –   21 mm
E –  45 mm
weight–100 gr

Price: 890 Eur + shipping costs


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