13th Jan

Status: SoldRamses III


Detail:Bruyère plateau ,mouthpiece handcut  lucite ,application- Ebony&Olive wood,no filter,pipe cleaner passes .

Freihand Pfeife aus Plateau-Bruyère  extra trocken, Mundstück Handgenschnitten  aus  Acryl ,Applikation – schwarzes Ebenholz und Olivenholz,ohne Filter,Pfeifen Reiniger geht glatt durch.





Ramses Crown

Ramses,a shape timeless and inspiring developed by master carver Bo Nordh .Carving this pipe was a rewarding experience  that allowed me to ad some lines  regarding the  Khepresh crown of Ramses .


Pipe detail approx.measurements

A –   40 mm
B –    53 mm
C – 172  mm
D –   21   mm
E –   42  mm
weight –93 gram

Price :-

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