Panelled Billiard – Nobleman

12th Apr

Status: Sold

Details :

Freihand Pfeife aus  feinstem Bouchermat Bruyère /Algerien, Mundstück Handgeschnitten Acryl mit Intarsie aus Edel Kristal Lapis,Sodalite und Obsidian

Freehand smoking pipe from finest Bouchermat Bruyère /Algiers, mouthpiece hand cut German Lucite with stem adornments from carefully inserted blue Lapis, Sodalite and Obsidian crystal, a balanced Sitter.




Pipe detail approx :


A –  42 mm
B –  52  mm
C – 130 mm
D –   19 mm
E –  39 mm
weight– 52 gr

Price : – + shipping 



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