Blowfish with Lapis Lazuli

7th Feb

Status: Sold

Details:Blow VIII

Blowfish – smoking  pipe, Bruyère by Mimmo Romeo,mouthpiece hand cut Ebonite with Lapis Lazuli stem inlay,pipe cleaner passes easily, wide visected draw at the bit  provides superb airflow.Application on the shank from black African ebony,comes with black plush glove and pipe stand carved from a approx 500 year old olivewood tree.

Blowfish Tabak Pfeife aus Bruyère  extra trocken,Mundstück Handgeschnitten Ebonit mit einer Lapis Lazuli Einlage im Holm , Pfeifenreiniger geht glatt durch.Weit geöffnete Zug-Bohrung am Biss.Application Abonos.


Blow VI









Pipe detail approx.measurements

A – 43   mm
B –  44  mm
C – 135 mm
D –  21  mm
E – 37  mm
weight –70 gram

Price :Please ask for price details : 

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