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Hello and Welcome to my homepage.

My name is Abi Natur, I carve smoking pipes inspired by life and driven by the passion for precise wood-crafting.

II vividly remember the first time as a boy, when I observed the lit tobacco in my fathers pipe. The smoke was dense and sweet smelling, in time I was drawn to it while observing each pipe ritual with a dash of fascination.

Here are some general information  :

Prior to opening my workshop i lived and traveled  throughout Europa and the Mediterranean area.The different cultures, languages and sights that I encountered found also their way to certain pipe-shapes in my workshop.

I carve freehand pipes from the highest quality materials, best available Plateau-Bruyère and  from time to time also in olive wood. The stem is hand cut  including the tenon by using finest German ebonite, cumberland or lucite rods stock . Most of my briar is ordered in bulk, while some is hand picked by myself  and wherever the origin, all of my briar undergoes a thorough control.Mephisto XX

I tend to work  one pipe at a time, so that each pipe receives my utmost attention. Even the few standard shapes that I make are unique, I do not use templates  in the creation of a pipe .

My tobacco chambers are tapered toward the bottom and hand sanded .Each draught hole is  freehand drilled and must enter the tobacco chamber at the  bottom center,or else can not leave the workshop.The pipe cleaner  must be able to pass the pipe  from the button of the stem to the bottom of the tobacco chamber without any disassembly.



Pipe carving is a subtle yet precise art that fully reflects the  pipemakers personality in his work. Every single pipe out of my Workshop is  as a smoking instrument for the discerning pipe smoker!


Stara Maslina from Bar

The Olive tree that stands as a symbol for peace  finds  its place naturally in the Pipe. The curing of the wood  by the hand of the pipemaker is a rewarding and traditional experience that reflects fully in the pipe that is made.

My Workshop is placed in the Mediterranean city of Bar – Montenegro at the Adriatic seacoast where also the rare olive tree species “Barska Zutica – Olea Europea” is  found.

A sturdy tree that grows slowly in this intense sea-mountain climate and so a most potent material for smoking pipes that  develops a suptle sweetish oily taste to the smoked tobacco.One of the oldest olive trees in the world grows in Bar and is approximately 2000 years  of age  “Stara Maslina” which means translated “The Old Olive”.

I personally harvest my olive wood from trees older than 350 and even up to 800 years ,curing it in some old fashioned way for a few years more.

The best and rare olive wood is the one growing on almost bare stone, since the natural fight for survival over hundreds of years is perfectly reflected through the marble like grain and the density of the wood.

Cobra Chevalier


Abi Natur

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