Olivewood Blowfish

14th Feb

Status : SoldBlowfish XII

Details: Olive wood pipe-set from approx. 5o0+ year old olive tree,dried for 7 more years at my workshop, mouthpiece hand-cut german Lucite,pipe cleaner passes easily , V sected bit for a comfortable light airflow.Black Obsidian stem adornment.

The  full-bodied Olivewood  pipe-stand is dismount-able .The arm  is fixated to the base by a fitted cork plug.To reassure a lasting and firm connection,the cork-plug has been glued from within by a 10 mm wooden tenon .The pipe can be placed in two positions,regularly and turned upside for drying after smoking.

Yet another  small novelty is the Comfort grip cork insert on this pipe-set .I have been exploring the possibilities and how to develop a pipe stand that has the ability to hold  the mouthpiece firm yet soft in regard to the smooth surface of the Ebonite stem .Cork holds the pipe stem in a shock absorbent position without scratching .There are no random slips as the pipe  stands  in its elevated place due to a firm grip.Blowfish II

The tamper has been carved in respect to the whole composition ,Olivewood and Ebony firmly  interconnected by a glued tenon.











Pipe detail approx.measurements

A –   50 mm
B –   45  mm
C –  152  mm
D –   20  mm
E –  32  mm
weight –80 gram

 Price : – + Shipping    


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