21st Apr

Status: SOLD

Details: Freehand  olive wood pipe ,cumberland hand cut  mouthpiece ,pipe cleaner test – yes,9 mm filter.

Freihand Olivenholz Pfeife mi Mundstuck aus Cumberland,Pfeifen Reiniger-Ja, 9 mm Filter.






Pipe detail aprox.
A –   4   cmmeasurements
B –   5   cm
C – 13,5 cm
D –   2   cm
E –  4,3 cm
weight-5o gr.


Price : –

One response to “Billiard”

  1. Boro3 says:

    Našao sam je i ovde Abi. Predivna je, jedva čekam da je preuzmem!

    Svaka čast majstore!

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